Welcome to AKDC. We are virtual CIOs specializing in developing world-class IT solutions for the needs of financial institutions.  Our role is to complement existing CIOs and IT teams of institutions and work in tandem to leverage technology so as to maximize profitability by increasing revenue and reducing expenses.  

Businesses today rely on IT more than they ever have before.  Despite this fact, IT lacks a certain amount of maturity; poor system quality leads to frequent system downtime with unpredictable recovery times; projects fail to meet expectations within set time frames; improper information handling leads to fragmented databases, information leakage, and fraud; and there is always the issue of security. Overcoming these deficiencies requires the oversight and guidance of experts.

Partnered with IT experts in many fields, and backed by over 30 years of IT experience in world class financial institutions like Citibank and Barclays, AKDC provides the expertise necessary to face these problems and move forward in industry today.


Leverage technology, maximize profitability.
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