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AKDC has been recently established to augment the roles of a financial institution’s CIOs and Technology departments with appropriate technology skills and solutions. Our aim is to provide systematic technology solutions with guaranteeable results that are founded on the principles of core competency. Our ultimate goal is always to satisfy customers.

AKDC is directed by Anup Kumar Das. With over 30 years in the IT industry, he has a wealth of experience ranging from system infrastructure to businesses interactions such as establishing standardized banking platforms across the globe.

It is his unique expertise,understanding, and in-depth knowledge of the issues that IT faces in financial institutions that have benefited major corporations and makes AKDC a powerful force. His areas of expertise include (but are not limited to) the following:
  • Migrating banks to standard platforms
    • Citibank
      • Developed a standard banking front end platform, deployed to 33+ countries
      • Countries with existing platforms were migrated to the new standard
      • The entire deployment and migration was completed in 9 years
    • Barclays
      • Deployed Flexcube to 7 countries in 6 months
      • Started from scratch with a single country as the base of operations.

  • System Development
    • Designed, developed, deployed and supported a range of systems including:
      • Core banking
      • Channels (such as Internet, Mobile, Phone, ATM, Telemarketing, Branch, etc.)
      • Data warehousing
      • Etc.
    • In-depth understanding of systems covering infrastructure, applications, databases, requirements gathering, etc.
    • In-depth understanding of application instrumentation and monitoring requirements
    • Assisted business end-to-end in terms of innovating business propositions

  • Business Interaction
    • In-depth understanding of how to ensure business requirements are provided in sufficient detail so as to prevent requirements errors at later phase of projects

    • Developed techniques to capture full requirements

    • In-depth understanding of business strategy - able to see where IT strategy can be aligned with business strategy, with corresponding roadmap, to ensure that IT tactical and strategic deployments are appropriately done.

  • Analytics
    • Business intelligence is key to
      • Stay ahead of competition
      • Specifically target customers and get maximum response
      • Formulate appropriate business strategy
      • Provide appropriate pointers for risk considerations
      • Consistency of KPIs across the institution.
    • Cross border analytics to provide
      • Relative positioning
      • Identification of best-in-class areas

  • Customer Relationship Management
    • Busted the myth that CRM solutions alone are enough to gain adequate understanding of customers.
    • In-depth understanding of where to emphasize in CRM for keeping customers satisfied

  • Budgeting and financial governance
    • IT funding is key to IT operations, projects and innovation
    • Have mastered the mode in which appropriate budget can be formulated, appropriate business cases prepared to define for getting optimum Return on investment, optimizing spend on day-to-day operations.

Anup Kumar Das is the managing director of AKDC. He has 32 years of IT experience, including 26 years with Citibank, 2 years with Barclays, 2 years with Telco India (a leading automobile company), and 2 years with Western India Erectors (a leading construction company).

AKDC is also backed by leading solution providing partners whose solutions and technical skills are well established in industry. Specific requirement-appropriate partners are deployed according to the specific needs of a project, while AKDC oversees the complete deployment and takes full accountability for the end-to-end solution being delivered.

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